Exeter Flying Post - 18th April 1777 (selection)


Also the Reversion of a Term of One Thousand Years, after the Deaths of Three Lives,? all that Barton or Farm, called or commonly known by the Name of MOORE BARTON, situated in the Parish of Moretonhampstead, in the County of Devon, and now in the Possession of Mr. John Langdown. 

For selling the Tythes of Thorverton, and the Tenements in Exeter, a Survey will be held at the Oxford Inn, in Exeter aforesaid, on Tuesday the 29th Day of April lnstant: and for selling the Lands in Moretonhampstead and Ash?burton, a Survey will be held at the London Inn, in Ashburton aforesaid, on Wednesday the 30th Day of April lnst. at Three of the Clock in the Afternoon.

Dated April 9,1777.


Exeter Flying Post? 3 Feb 1791


TO be LETT, for the Term of 14 Years, from Lady-Day next, All that capital BARTON, FARM, and LANDS, called or known by the name of MOOR BARTON, situate and lying in the Parish of MORETONHAMPSTEAD; consisting of a very good Farm-House, Barns, Stables, convenient Outhouses, and upwards of 324 acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land; all of which faid Premises were late in Possession of the Owner, Mr. Elias Langdon, deceased, and are only distant ten miles from the City of Exeter, and the several Market Towns of Ashburton, Newton-Bushel and Chudleigh.

For the above Purpose a SURVEY will be held at the House of Mr. JOHN BISHOPknown by the sign of the Punch Bowl, in the Town of Moretonhampstead aforesaid, on THURSDAY the 17th Day of this Inst. FEBRUARY, by three o?Clock in the Afternoon, unless lett in the mean Time by Private Contract.

?For viewing the Premises, and other Particulars, Application may be made to Mr. JOHN SMERDON, of the Parish of Christow, or Mr. JOHN STEVENS, or RICHARD HAWKINS, Attorney-at-Law, of Moretonhampstead aforesaid.

Moretonhampstead, February 2,1791


Exeter Flying Post, 15 June 1797.


To be SOLD in FEE, in separate Lots,

Lot 1. Moor Barton, situate in the Parish of Moretonhampstead, and now in the Occupation of Mr. George Wills; consisting of a good Farm-house, Barns, Stable, Linhays, and other convenient Out-buildings, and about 330 Acres of good Arable, Meadow, Pasture and Woodland, capable of much Improvement. There is a Lime-kiln on the Premises. The Whole lieth within a Ring Fence, distant three miles from Moretonhampstead, six from Chudleigh, and eight from Newton Bushel, all good Market Towns.

For selling the same a Public Survey will be held at the White Hart Inn, in Moretonhampstead, on Thursday the 6th Day of July next, by Four o'Clock in the Afternoon.

The respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. ABRAHAM, Attorney-at-Law, Ashburton.

Dated June 2, 1797.


Exeter Flying Post. 21 Feb 1805.


A Survey will be held at the White Hart inn Moretonhampstead, in the said county, on Tuesday the 19th day of March next, by three o?clock in the afternoon, for sale of the SHRED of about 9 acres of OAK COPPICE, of upwards of 20 years growth, in Moor Barton Wood, in the parish of Moreton aforesaid; and on Wednesday, the following day, a survey will be held at the house of Mary Hellier, adjoining Dunsford bridge, in the Exeter and Moreton road, by three o?clock in the afternoon of that day, for the sale of the SHRED of 2 LOTS of OAK COPPICE in Bridford Wood, viz.

Lot 1st. Containing about 4 acres, known by the name of Barnacombe Bottom.

Lot 2d. Containing about 5 acres, being part of Laployd Wood, in Bridford aforesaid.

For viewing the coppice on Moor Barton, apply to Mr. G. Wills, the tenant; and for the lots in Bridford to Mr. Thomas Hemmins, at Woodlands Farm, next the said wood.

Dated Feb, 20th, 1805.



Exeter Flying Post. 6th February 1812.


To be SOLD in FEE, the capital Barton, or Farm, of MOOR BARTON, in the parish of Moretonhampstead; consisting of a new-built farm-house, with convenient outhouses, and upwards of 300 acres of very good arable, meadow and pasture land, and about 25 acres of very good coppice wood, all within a ring fence; situated about two miles from the town of Moretonhampstead aforesaid, 4 from Bovey Tracey, 5 from the lime kilns at Drewsteignton, and 10 from Exeter. The premises are now in the occupation of Mr. James Perriman, as tenant thereof.

For the above, a public survey will be held at the White Hart Inn, Moretonhampstead, on Thursday, the 27th of this instant February, by four o?clock in the afternoon.? In the mean time the premises may be viewed, by apply?ing to the respective tenants; and further particulars may be had of Mr. Cartwright; at Haldon-House; or of Mr. Abraham, at Ashburton.

The purchaser of Moor Barton, may leave a considerable part of the purchase money on security of the estate.

Dated Haldon-House, Feb. lst, 1812.



Exeter Flying Post 10 June 1819


TO be SOLD, in Fee, all that Capital Barton, or Farm, called MOOR BARTON, situate in the parish of Moretonhampstead, about ten miles from Exeter, consisting of a new-built Farm House, with convenient Out-houses, and about 330 acres of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, and a large Timber and Coppice Wood, within a ring fence. The premises are well calculated for a sheep farm, and are very desirable for a sportsman.

For the above, a Public Auction will be holden at the White Hart, in Moretonhampstead, on Tuesday the 22nd of June next, by four o?clock in the afternoon; and in the mean time the premises may be viewed by applying to Mr. Seward, the tenant; and further particulars ob?tained of Mr. Cartwright, at Haldon House, near Exeter, or of Mr. Abraham, Solicitor, Ashburton.

Dated May 22nd. 1819.


Exeter Flying Post. 22 July 1841.



A MOST Desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE called MOOR BARTON, in the parish of Moretonhampstead, Devon, for Sale by Auction by Mr. Hussey, at the NEW LONDON INN, Exeter, on THURSDAY the 12th day of AUGUST next, by Two o?clock in the afternoon, comprising a good substantial Farm House, Barns, Stables, and all requisite Farm Buildings, and 328 acres, or thereabouts, of Watered Meadow, Old Pasture, Arable Land, and Orchard, with Labourer's Cottages, and about 28 acres of thriving Plantation, all within a ring fence; situate on the south side of the parish of Moretonhampstead, and distant 2 miles from the town of Moreton 11 miles from Exeter, 7 from Chudleigh, 9 from Newton, and about 11 miles from Okehampton and Ashburton, all good market towns. The above valuable property is at present let to a good tenant at a low rent, and is capable of very great improvements. The estate lies in a sporting country, and 2 packs of harriers are kept in the neighbourhood. The rates and taxes are very low, and the tithes commuted.?

A lithographed map of the Property may be obtained on application to Mr. HUSSEY, or Mr. TUCKER, and may be seen at the GLOBE INN, Newton Abbot, SEVEN STARS, Totnes, and NEW LONDON INN, Exeter..

A part of the purchase money may remain on the security of the property at 4 per cent. Mr. WILLS, the tenant, will show the Estate, and full particulars may be obtained of Mr. HUSSEY, Auctioneer, Way-brook, near Exeter; of THOMAS COUSINS, Esq., the owner at Ashburton; or of Mr. TUCKER, Solicitor Ashburton.

Ashburton, July 6 ,1841.


Exeter Flying Post 21 July 1853


A most desirable Freehold Estate called ?Moor Barton? in the Parish of Moretonhampstead, Devon

FOR SALE by Auction, by Mr. CREAGH, at the DEVON AND EXETER PUBLIC ROOMS, EXETER, on Friday the 12th August next, by Two o'clock in the Afternoon, comprising a good substantial FARM HOUSE, Barns, Stables, and other farm Buildings, with Labourer's Cottages, and 324 acres, or thereabouts, of Meadow Pasture, orchard, and other Land, including about 28 Acres of thriving Oak Coppice and Fir and Ash Plantation, all within a ring fence; situate on the south side of the Parish and distant about 2 miles from the town of Moreton, 11 from Exeter, 9 from Newton, 7 from Chudleigh, and 11 from Okehampton and Ashburton, all good Market Towns. This valuable property is at present let to Mrs. Wills (whose term expires on Lady-day next,) at a low rent. The Estate is capable of great improvement, - is supposed to contain Mineral wealth to great extent several Lodes having been already discovered, and its proximity to the rich Mines of Wheal Exmouth and Wheal Adams, in the adjoining Parish, fairly encourage the supposition, - it lies in a magnificent Sporting Country, abounding with Game, and the entire neighbourhood for miles around affords an unceasing display of interest and beauty; - the resident gentry are in perfect character with the noble objects surrounding them. The Rates and Taxes are extremely moderate.

A Map of the property may be seen at all the princi?pal Inns, in Devon, and at the place of Sale. The Estate may be viewed by applying to the Tenant, and full particulars may be obtained of the AUCTIONEER, Staverton Place, Ashburton; of Mr. W. H. HALSE, Medical Galvanist, 22 Brunswick Square, London; of M.W.Harvey, Esq., Solicitor, Moreton; of T.Cousins, Esq., the Owner, at Ashburton, or of Mr. Tucker, Solicitor, Ashburton.

Dated July 1st, 1853.


Exeter Flying Post. 21 August 1856


To be LET, at a moderate rent, the Right of Shooting over Moor Barton Estate, in the parish of Moretonhampstead, Devon, containing 325 acres. Apply to Mr. COUSINS, Ashburton, or to Mr. R.C. HALSE, Royal Public Rooms, Exeter.


Exeter Flying Post. 2 Sept 1874.


About two miles from Lustleigh and Moretonhampstead Stations.

Mr. J.HELLIER will SELL, by Auction, on Monday, the 7th of SEPTEMBER, next, fifty-six

famous STORE EWES, forty-seven two-tooth Wethers in rare condition, eighteen store Ewes and Wether Lambs, five fat Lambs, and three excellent Rams, one Barrener, one capital Bull, two years old, very handsome Exmoor Pony, twenty splendid slip Pigs, of various sizes, about fifteen pack of first-class wool, double and single iron Ploughs and Scarrifier nearly new, the property of Mr. Thos. Wills, quiting [sic] Ludon Estate. Refreshments will be provided at One o'Clock, and the Sale to commence at Half-past Two precisely. A Bus will be at the Moreton Station to meet the 12.30 p.m. train, at 1s. each, to be returned to purchasers.

Dated Dunsford, August 28th, 1874.