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Source: N for North Bovey registers, P for Presbyterian/Unitarian registers, W for Methodist registers, X for other sources.  No code for Moreton registers.

Date ? of baptism not birth; dates before 1752 are New Style, i.e. year starts on Jan 1.

DoB ? Date of birth, only given if given in source and not close to baptism . See also ?Notes? for adult baptisms.

Surname, Firstname ? usually as given in source, so spelling very variable.

Sex- m or f  (probably not worth including)

Father, Mother ? mother not given in parish registers before 1812, unless unmarried.

Abode, occupation ? of father (or mother, if single), seldom given before 1812

(Abbreviations:  rlwy for railway, hmn for husbandman).  Note that addresses given as ?town? refer to the centre of  Moreton; for North Bovey (Source code N) the corresponding abode is NBT for North Bovey Town.

Notes ? usually used for notes in source, notes about legibility or alternative spellings, also occasionally for information from outside sources about subsequent life.  ?A? in this column indicates adult baptism.







Source:  N for North Bovey Registers, W for Methodist/Wesleyan registers, X for marriages elswhere, no code for Moreton registers.

Xplace:  place of marriage (only used if source is X)

Date: of marriage, dates before 1752 are New Style, i.e. year starts on Jan 1.

Groom; Bridesnm: surname of groom, bride

Grname; Bridename:  first names of groom, bride

AgeG; AgeB:  age of Groom, Bride - only given after 1868, and not always then.

Grabode; Brabode: abode of Groom, Bride - only given consistently after 1837.  For weddings in Moretonhampstead the abode M or m/h means the centre of Moreton.  For weddings in the North Bovey register NBT means the centre of  North Bovey.

Grocc, Brideocc: occupation of Groom, Bride - only given consistently after 1837 (and seldom then for the bride).

Nee:  former surname of bride if a widow

Wdr, Widow:  code is 1 if groom is a widower or bride is a widow






Source: X for death recorded on a grave in Moreton churchyard or North Bovey churchyard (or inside North Bovey church) but not in the parish burial register (some of these are buried elsewhere), M for a death recorded on memorials within the Moreton parish church,  N for North Bovey Parish Register,  U for a death recorded on a grave in the Unitarian Chapel, Moretonhampstead.

Yr; date: year of burial; date of burial in the form mm-dd, e.g. 11-25 for Nov 25th.

Age at death:  from the burial register or gravestone (0 for child under 1 yr, exact age in Note)

Lastname, firstnames: usually as given in the register (see notes)

Note: used for exact age of infants, and for supplementary information from the Register, including marginal notes added by the Rectors (especially Rev. Leadbitter, 1927-55).

Note(2):  used for information derived from gravestones or memorials, including alternative spellings or dates and additional information about relationships.  In a few cases information from Treleaven?s diary, marked (T), is included (see Treleaven).

Abode:  For Moreton burials, T or m/h means Moreton town; for North Bovey burials, M means Moreton.  Otherwise as in the registers.

Grave:  code assigned by us to the grave stone (the initial letter is the area of the graveyard).  Texts of full memorials for Moreton are available in the system in five separate text documents found by clicking  on Graves under Local Search (please note the grave code given in the Burial search, then  look for that code ? without its final letter -  in the appropriate Graves file.).  Inscriptions on North Bovey graves have not been transcribed.