Notes on Schools in Moreton compiled from 19th century Directories

Church school endowed by Hele (ancient charity, probably lapsed)

1793: Schoolmasters Matthew Cheeseworth, Charles Humphries, Ann Isaac (ladies' boarding school, she was wife of Jacob Isaac, Baptist minister)

1850: National School (est 1840 in building given by Earl of Devon), George Bishop; also Margaret Gordon, John R. Hill, Thomas Potter and Frances Tremlett.

1856: Mrs George Bishop in Cross St., George Rowdon Bishop (Natl. School) in Pound St, George Brown (professor of music & dancing) in Fore St, Mrs Margaret Gordon in Cross St, Miss Frances Tremlett in Court St.

1857: Endowed school in Cross St (John R Hill), National School at the top of Pound Street in rooms erected for that purpose (G. Bishop & Mrs Bishop), Esther Bevan (related to independent minister), day school in Fore Street, George R. Bishop and Mrs Sarah Bishop (boarding and day school) in Cross Street, Mrs Sarah Browne, teacher of dancing, in Fore St; Margaret Gordon, day school in Cross Street, John Jackman, classical, mathematical & commercial boarding school in Cross St, Susan Lewis, day school in Cross Street, John Potter, farmer & schoolmaster, in Court Street, Miss Tozer, day school in Forder Street, Frances Tremlett, day school in Court Street.

1873: National School Mrs Elizabeth Browne; boys' boarding and day school, Greenhill, Wm. Down MRCP.

1878: School board formed in 1874, boys' school in Pound Street enlarged and new school for girls and infants built on Greenhill in 1876: total capacity 280. Also Mrs Elizabeth Jane Loveys, day & boarding school, Ponsford House. Wm. Down, schoolmaster and assistant overseer, living in New St.   Miss Sarah Marie Jenkin, mistress of Greenhill school.

1889: Board school (average attendance 78 boys, 76 girls, 80 infants), master Matthew Cox, mistress Miss E.F. Parnell, infants Miss L.C. Blair.

1893: Teachers as for 1889.   Also Misses Mary and Emma Hole, ladies' school in Battenbury, Court St.