School teachers mentioned in Treleaven's Diary

1802 Thur. Sep. 30th. The Rev Mr. Rowland gave notice of resigning his School by the following advertisement which appeared in Trewmans Exeter Flying Post, this Day: 'Moretonhampstead Devon - J.Rowland presents his most grateful Thanks to his numerous Friends for the very generous and liberal Patronage which he has experienced during his last eighteen years. He is very sorry to inform them that he is compelled by imperious Circumstances to resign his School at Christmas next - Moretonhampstead 27th Sept 1802'

1803 Thur. Jan. 27th. The remains of Mr. James Rowland interred in the Church-Yard, in a grave by the side of his late wife. He had been Pastor of the Presbyterians Meeting in this place 26½ years and kept a grammar school about 18 years, was a native of St.David's in Pembroke Shire, South Wales, and about 47 years old at his death.

1804 Tue. Oct. 2nd. Messrs Wm and John Tucker (Brothers) opened a Boarding School, in a House near the Cross Tree lately occupied by the Rev Mr. Walkey - Terms, Board Twenty Guineas Pr Annum, Education Five Guineas Pr. Annum.

1804 Mon. Oct. 15th. Some of the people called Quakers held a meeting for Worship in Mr. Humphries School Room.

1806 Sat. June 7th. Died aged 50 Elizabeth Cheeseworth wife of Mr. Cheeseworth, Schoolmaster, and keeper of the Parish Accounts.

1806 Mon. Dec. 8th. Married with Licence: Mr Wm Tucker one of the masters of the Grammar school to Miss Pinsent.

1808 Sun. Dec 11th. Married Mr John Toms Heelmaker to Miss Pudicombe, school mistress.

1809 Mon. Dec. 25th. Christmas day. Married Mr John Tucker one of the Masters of the Academy to Mrs Brittan.

1814 Mon. Sep.12th. Married, Mr Charles Humphries, School Master, to Miss Susan Newcombe.