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This is a rough list of the archives of the Moretonhampstead History Society. The full collection needs sorting, reboxing in suitable archival boxes and detailed cataloguing.

The material here collected was first gathered by a number of individuals, most importantly the past Chairman and Secretary, Drs Bob and Alison Simkins, who lived in the Old School House, Pound Street, Moretonhampstead until 2006. They were the first to try and impose some order on the material they acquired and created in connection with the history of Moretonhampstead.

When Bob Simkins died, and Ian Mortimer took over the Chairmanship, a considerable amount of material was transferred to Dr Mortimer's house. The original order and sequences of files had by then been lost. Material was grouped into boxes and roughly listed on 10 July 2006. The collection was formally described to those present at the October 2006 AGM of the History Society. Further material was handed over when the late Drs Simkins' house was cleared prior to being sold in 2007. Other boxes were passed to Dr Mortimer in 2006/7 by the widow of the late Peter Collier, a long-serving member of the Society.

The material was transferred to the house of the president, Professor Ian Mercer, on 7 August 2007.

Since early 2012 funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Teignbridge District Council has enabled all the archives to be sorted and stored in bespoke archive boxes at the former primary school, now called Green Hill Arts and Heritage Centre, Fore St., Moretonhampstead TQ13 8LL.

There is an online database of the material which has been catalogued and may be queried at


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Box One: Records of the Moretonhampstead History Society and its predecessors

Box Two: Original Material relating to the history of the parish and its environs

Additions to Box Two, received from Teignbridge District Council in 2006, via the parish clerk.

Additions to Box Two, received during 2006-7 from Peter Collier

Additions to Box Two, received during 2006-7 from Miriam Dicker, via Professor Ian Mercer

Additions to Box Two, received during 2007 from Lord Brain

Box Three: Thematic research files and exhibitions material

Box Four: Press Cuttings and transcriptions of records relating to the history of Moretonhamsptead

Box Five: Transcripts and indexes of Moretonhampstead diaries and property deeds



Box Six: Transcripts of official records, namely parish and cemetery registers, tithe map, manorial records, family reconstitutions and related population records

Manorial material in photocopied form

Box Seven: Family research files and material relating to buses

Family research files

Other files

Box Eight: Rare and small-press books of particular local interest to the history of Moretonhampstead and environs


Pamphlets relating to other places

Box Nine: Miscellaneous material, previously held at the Colliers' house, amalgamated with the rest of the collection in 2007

Box Ten: Tin box (black) of material previously at the Colliers' house, amalgamated with the rest of the collection in 2007

Box Eleven: Family Research Files, donated in 2007

Contains files of notes relating to the following families:


Box Twelve: Unsorted material from Peter Collier's house, donated by Ruby Collier, 2007

Other Items Belonging to the Society (no box numbers):

  1. Small plaster bust of George Parker Bidder (Note: on 7 August 2007 this was in box eight.)
  2. Large artists' portfolio of Moretonhampstead maps, including
    • 7 x 6" OS maps marked to show the North Bovey & Moretonhampstead estate
    • A B&W A3 photocopy of the Jonathan May murder map
    • Two mounted extracts describing the murder of Jonathan May
    • Two B&W large prints of Moretonians - who?
    • Five mounted displays rel to Ann Brown, Bowrings, the graveyard, Treleaven
    • Copy of gas works plan
    • Large (A0) Moretonhampstead parish map with symbols
    • Large (A0) Moretonhampstead parish map without symbols
    • Composite map of the parish made out of four 6" OS maps
    • Plan of town showing sewers and water mains.
    • Copy of 25" map showing Pinmoor and Northmoor
    • Two plans of the playing fields and spectator shelter
    • Plan of Stoke House, Stoke Fleming
    • Loveys poster advertising sale of two semi-detached properties in Moreton, 1920
    • Reproduction of the Jonathan May murder map
    • Portrait print of G. P. Bidder, from Drs Simkins' household. Donated by his family, 2007.
  3. Small artists' portfolio of copies of Moretonhampstead documents, including
    • Photocopies of entries in the Charter Rolls relating to Moretonhampstead charters [old system file no. 112]
    • Laser prints of kneelers in the church
    • Photocopies of maps and some deeds
    • Photocopies used for exhibition of GP Bidder
  4. Small document tube, labelled R02, containing documents relating to the water supply protest [old system file no. 165]
  5. Small document tube labelled R05 [old system file no. 168], containing Photocopy of will of Thomas Aggett, 1873, and photocopy of conveyance by T Aggett to congregational chapel 1869
  6. Framed Lithotint print of Moretonhampstead Church, after Spreat. Exeter 1842.
  7. Framed aerial photograph of Lime Street
  8. Framed watercolour drawing of the interior of St Andrews Church, Moreton, by the late Chairman, Dr Bob Simkins, donated by his family, 2007.
  9. Small but heavy cannon (this is currently still with the Chairman, Dr Ian Mortimer, as of 7 August 2007). The label which came with this reads as follows: 'MODEL OF 80 TON GUN PRESENTED BY THE LATE DR E. G. ENGELBACH TO THE INSTITUTE JULY 1890; PRESENTED BY THE INSTITUTE TO THE BOWRING LIBRARY MARCH 1902'
  10. Material in Edward Hobson's office, including railway model and filing cabinet
  11. Some photographs are still with Edward and Sylvia Pike.

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